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Staying hydrated The Retap Way is to use our reusable Retap Drinkware together with our great tasting Retap Infuse flavour sticks.

The Retap Way is our sustainable hydration alternative to water and ready-to-drink beverages in plastic bottles. We believe it is the best way to drink water.

Retap Drinkware is reusable bottles, carafes and water glasses especially designed to drink tap water from - either filtered or straight from the tap. Refilling reusable drinkware is easy, inexpensive and the most eco-friendly way to drink water.

Retap Infuse is a collection of instant flavour sticks designed to provide ordinary tap or filtered water with a natural hint of fruit and berries.

By refilling reusable drinkware from Retap and perhaps adding a Retap Infuse flavour stick for a hint of natural flavour, you help lessen the environmental impact of transporting bottled beverages in plastic bottles.

Transporting plastic bottles over long distances costs energy and disturbs the natural cycle of water. Staying hydrated The Retap Way is an easy way to support the environment.


When it comes to sustainability, the first step is to create awareness.
We cannot go on using resources the way we are used to: we need to explore new options to make a change.

Independent research by Carbon Footprint Ltd. has shown that you can save 30.2 kg CO2 every year when using a Retap Bottle 05 compared to using a standard 500 ml PET plastic bottle.

This amount of CO2 equals the production of 84 new Retap Bottles. The Carbon Footprint of a Retap Bottle 05 is 0.358 kg CO2. This includes all the carbon emissions arising during the lifecycle of the product.

The research also shows that you only have to refill a Retap Bottle 05 two times before you have a lower environmental impact than when you drink from a PET plastic bottle.



Save energy and CO2 emission
 when switching from water and beverages in PET plastic bottles.

Save money
 by not cooling PET plastic bottles in a refrigerator. Retap products can be used with tap water and stored at room temperature.

Save time by not handling, storing and returning empty PET plastic bottles.

The Retap Way