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Retap was founded by three enthusiastic entrepreneurs in 2009 who were initially influenced by reading about the accumulation of plastic trash in our oceans consisting mainly of plastic bottles.


“At the UN climate meeting back in 2009 in Copenhagen (COP 15), we became more aware of the negative impact of bottled water on our environment. We felt that something had to be done. We set our minds to designing a bottle especially made for drinking tap water. A year and many designs later in the summer of 2010, we released the Retap Bottle and we are very proud of this eco-friendly and beautiful product”, explains Lars Brøndum Petersen, one of the founders.


Since then more bottle sizes and bottle accessories have been added to the Retap product range along with a carafe and water glasses.

The new product line Retap Infuse adds another milestone to the history of Retap.

Retap Infuse is a collection of instant flavour sticks, designed to provide ordinary tap water with a natural hint of fruit and berries. The idea behind the product is simply to make the experience of drinking tap water more exciting.

“As Retap Infuse is an instant product, the consumer can mix it with tap water e.g. in a reusable Retap glass bottle thus reducing the need for plastic packaging. Moreover, the environmental impact of the transportation and cooling of bottled water before consumption is removed. You simply use tap water”, says Lars Brøndum Petersen.


Throughout the years Retap has built a strong network of resellers and distributors
alongside of establishing offices in both Denmark and the USA.

Retap products are sold in more than 55 countries worldwide and are available in a wide selection of stores from The Container Store, Target and Anthropologie in the USA to Selfridges in London and Illums Bolighus in Copenhagen. Retap products are available in fine gourmet and promotional gift stores in cities like Sydney, Tokyo, Paris, Madrid, Berlin, Amsterdam and Stockholm as well as online at The Grommet, Ebay, Amazon and Avocadostore. And the story continues...

The Retap Story