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The story

Retap has successfully transitioned from a Danish hydration innovator, into a wellness and flavor enhancement company. Initially recognized for our premium Retap drinkware, we have strategically broadened our offerings to elevate the hydration experience for businesses with the introduction of Retap Flavour. This innovative addition empowers our B2B customers to not only refill their drinkware using tap water but also to enrich the water with a selection of natural flavors. This advancement transforms basic hydration into a premium experience.

Our origins trace back to the collaboration of three forward-thinking entrepreneurs in 2009, united by a shared commitment to reduce plastic pollution in our oceans caused by single-use plastic bottles. Retap now represents a comprehensive hydration solution, dedicated to improving your water consumption experience while upholding environmental integrity.

We’re inviting your business to join us in changing how we think about drinking water. With us, it’s not just about staying hydrated, it’s about enjoying a unique and personalized experience that also keeps an eye on being sustainable.

Our vision unfolding

Throughout the years Retap has built a strong network of resellers and distributors. Retap products are sold in more than 60 countries worldwide and are available in a wide selection of stores.

Retap products are available through promotional merchandise agencies and in stores in cities like Sydney, Tokyo, Paris, Madrid, Berlin, Amsterdam and Stockholm.

Retap drinkware custom print

We’re passionate about inspiring everyone towards a more sustainable future. This is precisely why we offer customized logo prints on our Retap products. Imagine your brand taking a stand for the environment, inspiring others through action, with every sip from a beautifully customized piece.

Our drinkware isn’t just reusable, it retains its elegance and functionality use after use. And with a wide range of lid colours to choose from, finding the perfect match for your company’s profile is easy.

Think of Retap products as more than just business gifts. They’re a statement. Ideal for customer giveaways or as special gifts for your team, they bring a dash of style and substance to any setting. They shine at events, celebrating milestones, and every day, they sit on desks, reminding us of the value of hydration and the power of conscious choices.

Let’s make every drop count, with Retap. It’s not just about staying hydrated, it’s about doing so with intent, style, and a commitment to our planet.

Colours and technique

Retap Drinkware is printed with a silk screen printing technique. We print all colours from the Pantone Matching System (PMS) or frosted which looks like an engraving on the glass.

We print either 1, 2, 3 or 4 Pantone colours on the drinkware – or frosted ( 1 colour).

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