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Sustainability is a beautiful dance between people and the environment, where every small action can lead to positive change. Embracing a sustainable lifestyle means evolving together with our planet, and this journey, while significant, is filled with hope and opportunity. We don’t need to overhaul our lives overnight; instead, we can take small, meaningful steps towards a brighter future. Every moment is an opportunity to make a difference, and the time to start is now.

Water, the source of all life, deserves our respect and care. It’s crucial we use it wisely and protect it from harm. Plastic, while convenient, has become a challenge we must address together. Its impact on our planet is undeniable, but change is within our grasp. Imagine a world where instead of contributing to pollution, we are part of the solution. With each person choosing alternatives to single-use plastic, we are paving the way to healthier oceans. The vision of a world where our oceans thrive with life rather than plastic is not just a dream – it’s a goal we can achieve together.

We focus on three goals:

Goal 6: We want to put accessible drinking water on the agenda.

Goal 12: We are trying to ensure a sustainable production by producing in Europe using durable and sustainable materials.

Goal 14: Our purpose is to protect the oceans from plastic waste. We want to help reach the goal of minimising the pollution from single-use plastic water bottles.

Today millions of reusable Retap Bottles are being used and they replace an even bigger amount of single-use plastic bottles.

We support goal 6, 12 and 14

Leave no one behind

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals aim to achieve a more sustainable future for every-one. The framework of these goals highlights the global need for development. The goals address the challenges related to climate change, poverty, inequality, environmental degradation, peace and justice. To reach the goals, everyone needs to act. Everybody can make small changes in their everyday life in order to make a difference.

Retap is involved in the Global Goals because we care. 

A sustainable choice

Retap’s mission is to minimise the consumption of single-use plastic bottles. We believe the most sustainable way to drink ware is by refilling reusable drinkware with water from the tap. By avoiding single-use plastic, we protect the environment and people against chemicals and microplastic.

Strong, durable and lightweight glass

Retap Drinkware is made from borosilicate glass, the same durable glass used in laboratories and high-end cookware. Borosilicate glass is heat-resistant, lightweight and meets the highest hygienic standards. It is a pure material without lead or cadmium and it cannot contaminate water. Retap Drinkware is made from up to 30% recycled glass. To give a stronger durability, each product is made out of one piece of glass. It means that there are no edges where bacteria can accumulate and grow.

Non-packaging Concept

The bottle is the packaging

To act and live as sustainable as possible, Retap’s concept is non- packaging. It means that we usually do not use single packaging for our products. Our FSC®-certified inserts (FSC-N003022) placed inside the Retap Bottle and Retap Carafe contain the required information about the Retap product. It is our solution to reduce waste originating from packaging.

Occasionally single packaging is necessary. If so, all our single packaging is FSC-certified as we support a responsible use of the world’s forest resources.

Where are the Retap products made?

Retap’s main office, warehouse, and print facilities are located in Denmark, Europe. To secure a safe and fair production, the Retap Drinkware products, lids, and sleeves are to the furthest extent possible, also produced in Europe. This means that Retap keeps the production nearby to save CO2 and to keep our environmental impact at a minimum.